A Sports Traveller’s Guide to Japan

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Japan will be the focus of sports fans over the next few years as it is hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2019, the Olympics in 2020, and the World Masters in 2021. A Sports Traveller’s Guide to Japan is a must-have for all fans attending sporting fixtures and aims to help you get by no matter how much or little Japanese you speak.

In A Sports Traveller’s Guide to Japan you can successfully navigate language, cultural and sporting situations you will encounter as you travel round the country and attend sports events with tips on everything from purchasing rail passes and sorting mobile coverage, to eating etiquette, how to support your team without offending anyone and what to wear on your feet when you go to the toilet. This guide demystifies cultural practices and offers lots of sensible practical advice that will cut stress levels so a fan’s stay in Japan is enjoyable.

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Megan Andrew


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May 2019


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