The Monarch Butterfly

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The most up-to-date New Zealand non-fiction children’s book about this most recognisable butterfly.

It explains the pollination, migration, hibernation and transformation of this incredible insect. It also details the transformation from caterpillar to pupa to butterfly and describes the importance of the milkweed plant as the diet of the Monarch Butterfly.


This big, beautiful butterfly has won people’s hearts the world over.

The way a single specimen teeters on the merest of leaf-ends to place its egg, how the hatchling caterpillar doggedly demolishes its host-plant, how later it quivers and folds itself up inside a glittering jewel-casing that appears by magic before our very eyes . . .

And then the emergence of a completely transformed winged creature, a creature of stunning saturated hues, a creature that floats and lurches mid-air. . .

Causing us to hold our breath, hold the moment.

The Monarch Butterfly is written by award-winning Anne-Marie Florian and illustrated by one of New Zealand’s leading illustrators, Alistair Hughes.

Reviews about The Monarch Butterfly:
“Specific to the monarch butterflies in New Zealand, this picture book beautifully illustrates the magic that is the life and metamorphosis
of the butterfly. The text is melodi cally written, bringing the life cycle alive with alliteration, wonderful vocabulary and little couplets on
each page summarising the detail.” – Magpies magazine

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Annemarie Florian, Illustrated by Alistair Hughes


White Cloud Books





Publication Date

13 October 2022