The First



For the first time the true story of New Zealand’s first successful aeroplane flights and the people behind them. Extensive research provides new understanding of historic events and corrects more than a hundred years of history with a starting account of what really happened in 1911 and how Manurewa, the first aeroplane to fly, became ‘lost’. Considered New Zealands ‘Wright brothers’ Leo and Vivian Walsh were part of a small group of remarkable men and women pioneering motorised transport in the 1900’s. The First is the compelling story of a generation including well-known Edwardians, George Henning, Reuben Dexter and the missing early years of international Art Deco designer, Keith Murray. The author does not neglect the careers of the Walsh sisters Veronica and Doreen with their connections to women aviators Jean Batten, and Gladys Henning-Sandford, radio pioneer Aunt Daisy and Evelyn Purchas, likely the first New Zealand woman in active service to lose her life in World war One. The First addresses tobacco cultivation and manufactoring in the 1870’s, the Victorian bicycle craze, the first motorcars, the Glenora Park Flights and the upheaval of war then its aftermath when aeroplane flight would be experienced bu ordinary New Zealanders.

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