The King’s Medal

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Maria Gill brings to life the humble NZ soldier who tells his grandson the story of how his platoon rescued the Greek King and his government from under the noses of the Germans in WWII.


‘Poppa, what’s that?’ asked Manu. His grandfather opened etched hands to reveal a medal. Manu leaned in. ‘Did you win it?’ ‘Sort of. A king gave it to me.’ Manu’s mouth gaped. ‘Why did a king give you something so precious?’

So begins the true story of the Anzac soldiers saving the Greek King in World War II. The King and the Anzac soldiers must flee the Nazi paratroopers, climb steep mountains, avoid gunfire from Greek soldiers who think they are spies, and find the ship that will get them to safety.

From the award-winning author of Anzac Heroes, with stunning illustrations, comes an action-packed story of daring, bravery and loyalty. The King’s Medal is based on true recounts from Anzac soldiers, during a significant event in World War II.

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Maria Gill


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11 November 2021