Power Surge: How Think Big and Rogernomics Transformed New Zealand



The 1980s transformed New Zealand and those decisions still shape the country. Think Big was created under Robert Muldoon’s National Government in response to soaring global oil prices. Marsden Point, Tiwai Point Aluminum Smelter and the synthetic petrol plant at Motonui were major energy projects through the 1980s. From 1984 onwards, the Labour Party’s Rogernomics policies liberalised the economy and sold off assets. How and why did this occur? This is the story written by an insider who worked in the Ministry of Energy with Ministers from both sides of the political divide. Includes images and cartoons from 1978 onwards.

Reviews for Power Surge:

“Provides great insight” – Sir William Birch – Former Cabinet Minister
“An easy read” – Sir Hugh Fletcher – Prominent Businessman
“A Dire period in New Zealand’s Economic history” – Dr. Bryce Wilkinson – Economist
“A Fascinating insiders record!” – Peter Ryan

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John Boshier



Publication Date

26 May 2022


White Cloud Books