New Zealand Bird Calls: Listen with a QR Code

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New Zealand is known for its birds, and the melodic quality of their song. Here, in New Zealand Bird Calls, is a selection of 60 of the most popular, important or interesting birds,

Each bird entry includes information about habitat, distribution, appearance and behaviour of the bird, along with a description of its calls. Each entry is illustrated with photographs from the renowned collection of Geoff Moon, making identification easy.

Readers can click on the relevant QR Code within the book using a smart phone and hear a 30 second clip of that bird’s song. QR Codes have become accepted by the general public over the past few years.

New Zealand Bird Calls is an essential guide for any beginner or bird enthusiast to enjoy in the field or at home, and it will open up new ways to get to know birds by their calls.

This is a revised edition of a previous book in which the sounds were available on an accompanying CD.

About the Author:
This is Lynnette Moon’s third book on the subject of birds, including Know your New Zealand Birds. Her late husband, Geoff Moon, was an outstanding bird photographer with many books to his name.

Notable wildlife sound recordist John Kendrick has been capturing New Zealand birds on film and tape for half a century.  His daughter Karen Baird, prepared his calls for this collection.

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Publication Date

14 September 2023