A Photographic Guide to Spiders of New Zealand

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A Photographic Guide to Spiders of New Zealand introduces over 90 species, focusing on the more commonplace introduced spiders but also featuring some of our rare native species. It gives details on their taxonomy, geographical origins, range and preferred habitat, plus special notes on behaviour, life cycle or diet.

Spiders are found everywhere in New Zealand, from bathroom to bush, beach and beyond, and although many people find them distasteful, they are valuable predators of pests and fascinating components of any ecosystem.

A handful of our spiders are well known – the katipo for its feared bite, the elusive Nelson cave spider for its great size – but few have been much studied until recently. Respected arachnologist Cor Vink brings his scholarship and expertise to the text, while Bryce McQuillan’s photography presents the spiders with extraordinary clarity and detail, making this an essential purchase for anyone with an interest in our eight-legged neighbours.

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Cor J. Vink, Photographs by Bryce McQuillan


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Publication Date

October 2023


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