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Paul Cleave wins Ngaio Marsh

Christchurch crime writer Paul Cleave has become the first to win the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel three times.

New and Upcoming Titles
  • Behind the Silver Fern

    Go behind the scenes with the world’s most successful sports team. This is a complete history of the All Blacks told by the players themselves.
  • Freddy Bear and New Faces

    Freddy Bear doesn’t like new faces. They scare him. But here is a new face, it says it’s Uncle Bear . . . and he’s making a paper plane.
  • Freddy Bear and Blanky

    Freddy always has to have Blanky with him. But, one day, Blanky gets left at Grandma’s house — oh no! What will Freddy do?
  • 2016 New Zealand Cricket Almanack

    The New Zealand Cricket Almanack is the cricket lover’s bible and is regarded worldwide as one of the finest books of its kind.
  • Richie McCaw 148

    A career so impressive that it could not possibly be chronicled in an ‘ordinary’ book. This lavish retrospective is something special.
  • The Great Kiwi ABC Book

    Here is the ABC like you’ve never seen it!
  • Chasing a Dream

    Early Europeans may have believed the world was flat, but by the Middle Ages there was widespread acceptance that it was, in fact, a globe. What remained a mystery, however, was what lay on the “other side” . . .
  • The Best Dad in the World

    The perfect “I love you” book for Father’s Day or any day.