Companion Planting in New Zealand

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In this age of increasing hostility towards chemical control of the food we eat, Companion Planting in New Zealand is the ideal guide to working with nature to produce cabbages that ‘squeak with health’ and beans that ‘snap like a gunshot’.

Every tip in this book has worked for somebody – why it worked may be a mystery, but the result of a healthy crop is the greatest reward for a gardener and this book shows how it can be achieved. Entertaining and often anecdotal, Brenda Little’s notes are inspired by a wealth of experience and common sense.

Companion Planting in New Zealand offers the reader a gardening system relying completely on observation of the natural ecosystem and a respect for the plants and animals living there, e.g. how parsley grows well with chives but away from mint and where a light spray of seaweed solution is useful in combating certain pests.

About the Author: Brenda Little wrote several novels and a number of long-selling non-fiction titles, in including Organic Gardening, Companion Planting and The Complete Guide to Herbs and Spices. In these (and in the many articles and columns to her name) Brenda put a lifetime’s experience of gardening into a chatty and informal style that both informed and amused.

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