Art Deco New Zealand

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For the first time, Art Deco New Zealand is a book that looks at NZ’s Art Deco heritage and its impact. Not just in the world famous cities like Napier and Hastings, but in towns and cities throughout the country.

Extensive research and consultation with councils and museums has identified where New Zealand Art Deco buildings can be found. From town centres and high streets, from clock towers to picture theatres.

With many examples of New Zealand’s Art Deco buildings obscured, dilapidated, or even lost, the stunning detailed illustrations by Rosie and Terry bring to life a compelling and evocative vision of the past. Here the style and mood of both beautiful and functional buildings. Along with the cars and fashion styles of the period, it gives an appreciation of the range and extent of New Zealand’s Art Deco heritage.

Art Deco New Zealand provides a fascinating glimpse of a significant part of New Zealand’s history. It can be discovered while travelling through the towns and cities of the North and South Islands.

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January 2017