Since we started Upstart Press we have been inundated with unsolicited manuscripts, mainly fiction. We love receiving the end result of people’s writing endeavours, but it takes quite a while to work through all these submissions.

Accordingly, and regretfully, Upstart has decided that we will only accept fiction submissions through literary agents. (Please click here for a list of NZ literary agents or click here for a list of manuscript assessors.)

We will still welcome proposals for non-fiction projects.

Submissions should include an outline and a table of contents where possible. A brief note about your experience as a writer would also be appreciated.

Submissions should be typed double-spaced with good margins and include either a header or footer with the author’s name.

You may submit by email (as a Word document) to

or by post to
Upstart Press
PO Box 33-319
Auckland 0622
New Zealand