Necessary Secrets

“They were inextricably bound together, a disparate little family with a black hole of secrets at their centre, a centripetal force-field pulling them powerfully into the same orbit.”

Dennis Sparks is turning 70 and, armed with a snub-nosed Walther PPK, he’s contemplating his mortality. Gathered at his Herne Bay home are Den’s three adult children – Will, Ellie and Stan. Before the night is out the house will be razed to the ground.

Spanning the seasons, ranging from Herne Bay to Golden Bay, the novel is told in four parts, each one from the point of view of a different family member. As the year unfolds, so do the secrets. Serious secrets: arson, infidelity, addiction and murder.

A dark, funny examination of modern family life in New Zealand, Greg McGee’s latest novel, Necessary Secrets, both delights and shocks as it pulls focus on diverse fragments of contemporary NZ.

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Praise for Necessary Secrets

A pacy and urgent examination of modern family life in New Zealand.” – NZ Herald (read an interview with Greg McGee here)

“The book is tautly paced and elegantly structured.” – North & South

“There is so much savage beauty, power and clarity in its pages you put it down gasping for air.” – Tom Scott.

Written by Greg McGee

Publication date: 11 April 2019
ISBN: 978-1-988516-63-9
Category: NZ Fiction
NZ RRP: $37.99
Format: PB, 234 x 153mm (portrait), 304 pages