Upstart Announces New Novel from Author Greg McGee

Upstart Press is proud to announce that they have acquired the next novel by award-winning writer Greg McGee. A departure from the crime novels McGee has been writing until now, it is a larger-than-life story, spanning more than 60 years and set in both Italy and New Zealand.

“It’s taken me fifteen years to research this story, then find a way to tell it, and another year to do hands-on research in Italy and write it (both thanks to the Katherine Mansfield Menton Fellowship), so I’m delighted and relieved that my new novel has found the perfect home. Really looking forward to publication by Upstart in 2015”, said McGee.

Upstart Press director Kevin Chapman commented “Working with Greg on his mega-selling ‘Richie McCaw: The Open Side’ (Hachette 2012) made us want to continue the collaboration. Greg is an incredibly talented writer, and this new novel is ambitious, intelligent, and opens up about a part of New Zealand’s history that many people are not aware of. We look forward to sharing it with the reading public next year.”