How Māui Slowed the Sun

Donovan Bixley re-tells the story of how Māui slowed the journey of the sun through the sky each day! It’s the traditional tale but with Donovan’s unique twist and trademark humour. The pictures are bright and bring their own level of humour to the book. Darryn Joseph ensures that the story is accurate and culturally appropriate and translates , along with Keri Opai, the story for the Te Reo edition.

Donovan Bixley is an illustrator and writer based in Taupo. Donovan has numerous bestsellers to his name, including the recent Much Ado About Shakespeare. Donovan created Pussycat, Pussycat (2015), Little Bo Peep (2014), The Wheels on the Bus (2010)and Old Macdonald’s Farm (2011) and The Great Kiwi ABC (2016).

Dr Darryn Joseph is a lecturer in te reo at Massey university. He has authored over 23 books; mainly textbooks and chapter books for Māori immersion education. He has won the Huia Short Stories Award for te reo Māori and the LIANZA Librarian Te Kura Pounamu Award for “most distinguished contribution to literature for children and young adults written in Te Reo Māori.

Book Details:

Release date: 12 September 2019
Illustrations: Full colour throughout, 24pp
210 x 280mm. Landscape

The cover art for the book "How Maui Fished Up the Sun"
Cover art for the English version.

Hardback Version (English):
ISBN: 978-1-988516-57-8
Price: $24.99

Paperback Version (English):
ISBN: 978-1-988516-20-2
Price: $19.99

Cover art for the Maori version
Cover art for the te reo Māori version of the book.

Hardback Version (Te Reo):
ISBN: 978-1-988516-83-7
Price: $24.99

Paperback Version (Te Reo):
ISBN: 978-1-988516-58-5
Price: $19.99