Stephen Donald – Beaver

Stephen Donald etched himself into All Blacks folklore with that ‘kick’ in the 2011 Rugby World Cup final at Eden Park.

Cory Jane – Winging it

Cory Jane has never been shy when it comes to joking about his rugby career. Now, he has produced a very different kind of biography. Out now!

The Spectacular and Utterly True History of Tui

Tui, the little beer that did. This is the story of 125 years of brewing, ever since a bloke by the name of Henry Wagstaff made the best cuppa tea he’d ever tasted, with water from the Mangatainoka River.

You Can’t Give Vodka to a Baby

. . . and other parenting myths: A parody baby/child-raising manual, full of advice, diagrams and the most politically incorrect views on raising children ever put on paper.

The Essential Footrot Flats

For 40 years, Murray Ball’s Footrot Flats has ruled both the New Zealand and Australian comic strip roost. Now Upstart Press presents the best of Footrot Flats. Available 9th October 2014.