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The newest novel in the best-selling Tito Ihaka series, by Ngaio Marsh award-winning author, Paul Thomas.

Loose Amongst the Legends: A Memoir

A memoir that begins with Phil Gifford’s personal story, followed by portraits of (mostly) sportspeople Phil had a genuinely close connection with. Out of print but still available in E-Book

The ALL BLACKography

The most comprehensive book on the 1130 players to have represented New Zealand in rugby ever published. Out of print

2015 Footrot Flats 40th Anniversary Calendar

For the 40th anniversary of the much-loved cartoon strip, Upstart Press presents a beautifully illustrated calendar.

Swimming in the Dark

International best-selling author Paddy Richardson's best book ever. A mesmerising tale of three women who must find the courage to overcome the past and beat the odds to find hope for the future.

Buzzy Bee’s Birthday Party

Buzzy Bee’s Birthday Party is a colourful picture book for preschool and Year 1, with four stories that each help learn a valuable lesson. Includes; Buzzy Bee's Birthday Party, Food Shapes, Mary Lou's Home, What Day is This?

Buzzy Bee Baby-sitter

Buzzy Bee Baby-Sitter is a colourful picture book for preschool to Year 1, with four stories that each help learn a valuable lesson. Includes: Buzzy Bee Baby-sitter; Plum Tart; Big, Bigger, Biggest; Go Left.

The New Invincibles

How the 2013 All Blacks created history. Available exclusively from Whitcoulls and The Warehouse. Out of print

2014 Rugby Almanack

The Rugby Almanack is the world’s longest running rugby book of record. Now in its 80th edition, the 2014 Rugby Almanack records another huge year, including the All Blacks in the Rugby Championship and the Ble...