Authors & Illustrators

Elspeth Sandys

Elspeth Sandys writes predominantly historical fiction and her long experience as a stage and radio playwright, an author of adaptations for the BBC, and an actor inform the craft of her dialogue.

Lynn McConnell

Lynn McConnell has more than 17 sports books to his name and was editor of both the Wellington Evening Post and the Southland Times. He also lives in Auckland.

Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson is a household name in NZ rugby commentating, in TV, radio and print. He lives in Auckland.

Cat Chapman

Cat Chapman is an Auckland based illustrator, well-known for her Walker Books titles such as The Frog Who Lost His Underpants.

Patricia Chapman

Patricia Chapman has published non-fiction as well as adult fiction.

John Dunmore

John Dunmore is a much-published author and world authority on Pacific exploration.

Philip Webb

Donovan Bixley is an illustrator and designer. His design company, Magma Design, is based in Taupo. Donovan has illustrated more than 100 stories and book covers as well as over 50 books. He has also written and illustrated hal...

Duncan Greive

Duncan Greive is a multiple award-winning freelance journalist and critic based in Auckland.

Paul Cleave

Paul Cleave is an international best-seller, who has won crime-writing awards all around the world.

Amber Vito

Journalist, broadcaster, writer and speaker, Ali (Alison) Mau is one of New Zealand’s most experienced media names.