Are you ready to be a mother?

Make sure you’re ready to be mother using this quick questionnaire.

1. Do you already own enough shoes? Y/N

2. Are your houseplants alive? Y/N

3. Do you know where your house keys are? Y/N

4. Are you wearing underwear? Y/N

5. Do you like saying, ‘Don’t touch that?’ Y/N

6. Do you like wiping things? Y/N

7. Do you wish you could have less sex and laughter in your relationship? Y/N

8. Is spare cash a problem that you’d like to find a remedy for? Y/N

9. Do you like looking at nice clothes but never being able to wear them? Y/N

10. Do you have interesting friends you no longer want to see? Y/N

If you answered mostly YES to these questions, go, get knocked up and enjoy your new ‘life’.
Vodka Baby Product Shot2

Extracted text from You Can’t Give Vodka to a Baby… and Other Parenting Myths by Dr Oliver Green BSA. Make sure you enter to win a copy of the book here.

Is it always shake a baby or is it never shake a baby? There is so much to learn if you becomea parent. This book will give any new mum or dad the advice and confidence to raise their children into adults who probably won’t end up in jail or on drugs, and to build relationships deeper than any you may have seen on reality TV shows. Or maybe not! Go on. You need a laugh when you are a parent, or a nearly-parent, or trying to be a parent, or – just anytime really.